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    Hanoi: A Snake’s Heart For Dinner

    Exploring jaw-dropping landscapes and sampling mouthwatering local cuisine is all an important part of the travelling experience. Yet, there’s a lesser-known side to travelling, one with a far more morbid tone – dark tourism. As the name might suggest, this…

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    Hanoi: Discovering a Lost World

    Fresh off the boat from Halong Bay, Jess and I headed back to Hanoi for our first real evening in the city. With no time to lose, we had another tour booked for the next day to make the most…

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    Hanoi: Halong Bay For the Holidays

    Before I ventured out into the world as a full-fledged backpacker, there’s always been one nation that has always illuded me. Ever since I was a teenager, there was one country that has found itself placed firmly at number 1…

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    Keelung: Ghosts and Good Times

    Taiwan is currently in the heart of Ghost Month, a time when locals honour their ancestors. This time around, rather than taking a back seat, I decided to jump right into the festivities. Sure enough, we found a place nearby…

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    Beigang, Matsu Islands: The Asian Mediterranean

    After spending 4 days exploring military forts and experiencing the iconic blue tears on the island of Nangang, our eyes were set on our next adventure on another of the Matsu Islands. Thankfully, we wouldn’t need to go too far!…

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    Amsterdam: 24 hrs To Destruction

    3 and a half years ago, I travelled back to the UK for the first time since I’d moved away to China. On the way back home, I made sure my itinerary included a very necessary stop in Amsterdam. A…