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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Bangkok in 4 Days

    Bangkok – it’s a city that needs no introduction. Regarded as the pinnacle destination for any backpacker’s itinerary and a favoured spot amongst faithful Buddhists and ex-pats alike, Bangkok illustrates the splendid harmony between the country’s undeniable spirituality and complete…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Taichung

    Regarded as an art and cultural hub of Taiwan, the beauty of Taichung comes from its sheer variety of artistic, natural and travel-tingling delights! Despite receiving much less attention than other places around the country, Taichung is often considered the…

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    The Ultimate Beijing Guide: The Forbidden City

    The true centrepiece of Beijing and indeed the greater Chinese dynasties of old, the Forbidden City was once the home to the nation’s most powerful emperors and remains a living guide to the once-mighty empire. For centuries, as the name…

  • Asia,  Guides,  Japan

    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Nagoya

    Often cast in the shadows of the nearby cities of Kyoto and Osaka, Nagoya is Japan’s dark horse. It’s a city which beautifully illustrates Japan’s perfect harmony between its vibrant cultural past and unstoppable modernisation. Nagoya is also known for…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Alishan National Park

    Alishan National Park is considered one of the greatest national wonders in Taiwan and one of Asia’s most beautiful national parks. The rolling vistas of mountain ranges and luscious tea plantations have been the source of inspiration for photographers and…

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    The Ultimate Itinerary: Chiang Mai in 4 Days

    The ancient capital of Chiang Mai perfectly illustrates the spectrum of what makes Thailand so great. Spectacular natural landscapes and undeniable spirituality live hand in hand alongside vicious martial arts and vibrant red-light districts. There’s little wonder that so many…