Travelling Welshman
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I’m a 29-year-old Welsh university drop-out from the University of Cardiff. After spending 3 years of my life studying Biomedical Science, only to find after those years that perhaps that line of work wasn’t for me and that something else was missing.

In the space of a couple of weeks, I went from a hopeful doctor to a backpacking traveller, and following 3 years of university fees and alcohol poisoning, university as a whole has left my pockets quite empty. However, I am determined despite being financially broke, that I as well as anyone should be allowed to travel the world, and I damn well will!

Therefore my mission is simple, to travel the world for as little money as possible, regardless of anything else. This blog aims to document each step, to show others how to travel the world easily and cheaply, and perhaps provide someone else with the information I wish someone had shared with me long ago. For too long I’ve grown sick and tired of reading other travellers’ blogs with estimates of a “4-week trip for £5000+”, and I am convinced I will travel the world for much longer for much much less. As a naive traveller, I could be arrogant, or I could be right, that travelling can be done for next to nothing. Let’s find out.

So far on my travels I have visited nearly 30 countries across Europe, Asia and Oceania, hoping to increase it with each passing day. I’ve part-taken in a combination of classic backpacking, working and volunteering across the globe, all in an effort to save money for future travels. Check out my posts to find out how you can do this yourself!