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    Amsterdam: 24 hrs To Destruction

    3 and a half years ago, I travelled back to the UK for the first time since I’d moved away to China. On the way back home, I made sure my itinerary included a very necessary stop in Amsterdam. A whole pandemic later, I found myself in Taiwan for almost 3 years without having the opportunity to return to the UK, though that chance came in the saddest of ways. Tragically, my grandmother would pass away, and I had no choice but to come home. This particular journey also included a stopover in Amsterdam, and this is my story… Why Amsterdam? Why wouldnโ€™t I want to go to Amsterdam? That…

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    Coming Home for Christmas: Part 2

    We pick up our story after passing through the incredibly stringent German border heading towards the Belgian capital; Brussels. (Part 1) Step 4: Brussels, Belgium -> Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Amsterdam would be my final destination within continental Europe. The Eurolinks bus dropped me off in the heart of Brussels at their headquarters where Iโ€™d check-in for my next and final bus journey. Due to the beautiful nature of Europeโ€™s petite-ness, such a journey would only take a few hours. Essentially down the road compared to previous transports. Despite that, this became the longest, most agonizing journey of my young life. 99.99% of the motivation to undergo this long-ass journey…