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    The 20 Best Highlights to See in Melbourne

    Many see the cultural melting-pot of Melbourne as the central hub of all things that make Australia great! From its hip and dynamic metropolis to the tasteful, beach-lined suburban expanses and mountainous borders, the city covers the entire spectrum. Grand Victorian architecture stand amongst modern high-rises and mind-blowing art displays both amongst its many galleries and on the walls of the streets themselves! Not to mention the city represents the Mecca of Australian sports, hosting beloved Aussie rules football and cricket to the world-renowned Australian Open and the Grand Prix! All that and more are the reasons why the city regularly finds itself regularly voted one of the greatest cities…

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    First stop on this epic journey, after arriving at 11pm and catching less than 6 hours sleep, the first day began in Melbourne! Admittedly, me and my cousin Vanessa quite clearly hadnt gotten our heads in the game yet. Stepping out onto the streets of Melbourne with a free mini guide with absolutely no clue what the hell we were going to see or do. A bit of research would of made much more sense, and the little we did made for grim reading. The most obvious things to do were expensive, or at least expensive in the long run. We entrusted our day to a guidebook with a man…