Travelling Welshman
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Some of the useful resources used for my travels:

Accommodation: – A website which offers volunteering opportunities worldwide at hundreds of different opportunities, for absolutely FREE. Accommodation almost always offered! – Provides hostel information for wherever you wish to go and ability to book. – Not used as much, it only provides hotel or home-stay information which will be slightly more expensive, but still useful.


Travel: – An absolutely invaluable website, providing details on every possible forms of travel from A to B, including form of transport, cost, travel distance, and links for each transport option. – Useful comparative website for all possible flights from A to B used to buy all my flights.


Useful Apps:


The majourity of the above offer an app which I’ve used endlessly on my trip, but there are some extra’s only available over the phone: – Only used this app half way through my trip, I don’t know how I survived without it! Download the map of the area that you’re in, once you have, you have a detailed map of the streets, attractions, restaurants, the lot, all offline. Basically google maps without the need for internet.

Google Translate – Lets face it, there will be some point that this will be useful. If you download the language while you have internet you’ll also be able to use it offline, can be essential at times.