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    Street Food: Is It Safe?

    Sampling local food is a must-do when travelling around the world, and there’s no better place to get a taste of the region than on the streets! Night markets and rows of stalls selling street food has become a permanent…

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    The Essential Travel Apps

    In today’s modern world, travel is easier than ever! Gone are the days of Victorian explorers sailing for weeks on end to reach new lands. Today all manner of adventures across the world are just a few clicks away. As…

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    Staying in Hostels: Pros & Cons

    Hostels are the lifeblood of backpackers and budget travellers. Practically every country in the world has a supply of low budget accommodation to provide guests with a cheap and convenient place to spend the night. They’re clearly a popular choice,…

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    What COVID Means for Travel

    COVID has brought the adventures of many travellers to a screeching halt. Flights are limited to extreme cases, borders are closed and much of the industry has shut down for good. Not only has COVID had a profound effect on…

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    Package Tours: Pros & Cons

    Most fresh-faced travellers find themselves with a very difficult question: should I book a package tour or not? Even seasoned travellers have to ask themselves this from time to time. Is it better if someone else is responsible for your…