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    The Battle of the Pork: The Uproar in Taiwan

    There are many ways tensions can be raised in countries. Political friction, presidential elections and government decisions over health concerns are just some of the things we’re experiencing right now in the West. Taiwan on the other hand has recently…

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    Being an ESL Teacher: Pros & Cons

    Many people choose to pack their bags and escape the constraints of life back home by starting afresh in a foreign country. For the most part, becoming an ex-pat isn’t necessarily that hard, except for one thing, you’ll need to…

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    Australia: Backpacking For Beginners

    People have many reasons not to take their first steps on a backpacking adventure. How is it done? What if something goes wrong? How do you sort travel from AA to B? What if you can’t understand the language? How…

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    COVID in Taiwan: The Secret of Success

    Currently, the majority of the world is experiencing a small-scale apocalypse. The entire globe has come to a complete standstill as it suffers through the worst global pandemic in centuries. I wouldn’t know anything about that, as I’m currently living…

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    Lombok: The Secret Paradise

    I often ask people “where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?”, and there’s one answer that always makes me cringe, Bali. I can’t help but feel that a lot of people choose Bali as its the only exotic place they’ve…

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    Chinese Kids vs. Western Kids

    Of course, there are incredible amount of contrast between China and the West, both culturally and superficially. After enough time in both places, such differences become just another part of everyday life. However, one difference stands out beyond the rest,…

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    China vs. Taiwan: The Difference

    There’s a very annoying interaction I’m forced to go through regularly while travelling the world. It begins with a simple introduction and one simple question that every traveller is asked. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Wales.” “Oh, you’re from…

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    Tattoos in Japan: Taboo or Not?

    Before going to Japan, everyone gave me the exact same warning: it’s going to be difficult there with your tattoos. This was said to me from both people who lived there and those who had never visited the country. You’ll…