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    The 20 Best Highlights to See in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam – it’s a city that needs no introduction. While for some it’s a place steeped in hedonistic mysticism amongst its fairytale streets and tranquil canals, for others it’s the crucible of creativity and a model of what society could be. It’s a city of tolerance, creativity and love for all. Most importantly of all, the city is anything you want it to be. Whether you are looking to lose the constraints of normal life or find peace amongst the capital’s many eye-catching museums and traditional architecture, it’s a city for one and all. So in that case, let me show you the best highlights to see during your time…

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    Amsterdam: 24 hrs To Destruction

    3 and a half years ago, I travelled back to the UK for the first time since I’d moved away to China. On the way back home, I made sure my itinerary included a very necessary stop in Amsterdam. A whole pandemic later, I found myself in Taiwan for almost 3 years without having the opportunity to return to the UK, though that chance came in the saddest of ways. Tragically, my grandmother would pass away, and I had no choice but to come home. This particular journey also included a stopover in Amsterdam, and this is my story… Why Amsterdam? Why wouldn’t I want to go to Amsterdam? That…