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    The 20 Best Highlights to See in Melbourne

    Many see the cultural melting-pot of Melbourne as the central hub of all things that make Australia great! From its hip and dynamic metropolis to the tasteful, beach-lined suburban expanses and mountainous borders, the city covers the entire spectrum. Grand…

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    8 Best Tours on Australia’s East Coast

    The east coast of Australia is amongst the most popular tourist routes in the world, and there’s little wonder why! With landscapes ranging from lush rainforests to barren deserts and a plethora of unique wildlife scattered in-between, there are many…

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    Australia: Backpacking For Beginners

    People have many reasons not to take their first steps on a backpacking adventure. How is it done? What if something goes wrong? How do you sort travel from AA to B? What if you can’t understand the language? How…

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    Darwin, the city named after the great man himself, Charles. I had high expectations of the town which I was quickly informed should be lowered.   I hadn’t done much research as what was to do in Darwin. The reason…

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    The Outback

    The Outback,  this stage of my adventure took me from Cairns all the way to Darwin with one particular point in the middle which I was aiming for, Alice Springs. The issue was how I got there.   I had…

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    Cairns had a big significance on this trip for several reasons. This would be Vanessa’s last stop on her trip. It would also be the last destination where the package deal we had bought would also be ending. From that…

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    Yet another part of the trip I knew almost nothing about was Whitsundays. All I knew was what Vanessa had told me about it, that we’d be spending 2 days on a boat. Initially I wasn’t too sure about it,…

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    Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island

    Rainbow Beach itself I can’t really be described as a town, considering the main strip consists of roughly 10 shops, most of which sell your usual beach resort tat of towels and bodyboards etc. The coincidently named “Dingo’s” hostel seemed…