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    Travel Plan: Visiting the Karen (Long Neck) Tribe

    Travelling is all about experiencing new cultures! For years, documentaries and National Geographic magazines have opened our eyes to new societies and unique customs from all across the world. Even in today’s modernising world, some cultures still live the same…

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    Getting a Sak Yant in Thailand

    Getting the obligatory tattoo has almost become a rite of passage for travellers in Thailand. Only a few countries are renowned for the skin altering artform, and Thailand is the most famous of them all. The unique Buddhist form of…

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    Top 15 Highlights: Bangkok

    Bangkok; the iconic city which for many years has become the pinnacle destination for travellers and ex-pats alike to escape reality in a spirituality and exotic haven. It’s possibly the most renowned Asian city of them all, and there’s little…

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    Chiang Mai – Part 2

    We pick up our story from 2 days of tattoos, bar girls, temples and tourist scams in the paradise which is Chiang Mai. An Independent Traveller I had nothing planned for this day, therefore the perfect opportunity to tick-off other…

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    Chiang Mai – Part 1

    During your travels, each destination fits in a unique category; would like to go again, never again, places suitable for a couple of days and places ticked off the list. However, the rarest of them all is finding the pinnacle…

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    Bangkok: a city with much expectation, which should of been its downfall. I made that mistake with Bali, such high hopes for somewhere which had been given so much hype as a paradise. Pegged as a highlight before my arrival,…