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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Nagoya

    Often cast in the shadows of the nearby cities of Kyoto and Osaka, Nagoya is Japan’s dark horse. It’s a city which beautifully illustrates Japan’s perfect harmony between its vibrant cultural past and unstoppable modernisation. Nagoya is also known for…

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    Travel Plan: How to See Rockabilly Dancers in Tokyo

    Despite Japan’s notoriously buttoned-up culture, Tokyo is known for its eccentric characters. From cosplaying teens to anime-addicted adults, there are plenty of quirky sub-cultures to indulge in. Of them all, only one draws a dedicated weekly crowd along the streets…

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    A Guide to Tokyo’s Yokocho and Tiny Bars

    Japan is known for making the absolute most out of the limited amount of space available. Whether it’s their tiny houses and apartments or compact cars, the Japanese have a general lack of claustrophobia. Down-sizing is so ingrained in the…

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    The 7 Best Places to See Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing

    Ingrained in our minds through movies, documentaries and countless Instagram shots alike, the Shibuya Crossing is the iconic image of Tokyo! The 4-way intersection is the epitome of the city’s perfect harmony of fastidious organisation and total chaos as it…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary – Nara in 1 Day

    In a nation bursting with cultural diversity, rich heritage and a generous helping of whole-hearted religions, Japan has plenty of spots to feed your cultural appetite! Hidden amongst the shadows of Kyoto and Osaka stands a relatively small city that…

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    Why Foreigners Should NOT Wear Kimonos!

    Amongst each national monument, Buddhist temple and historic avenue in modern-day Japan, men and women from across the world come to play out their little fantasies of living in the 16th century by dressing up in authentic rented kimonos. Many…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Kyoto in 4 days

    For many travellers and locals alike, Kyoto is considered the pinnacle Japanese city. For centuries the ancient capital played host to Japan’s elite rulers and aristocrats that forever imprinted themselves in the nation’s history. The undeniable spirituality and powerful cultural…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Todoroki Cave

    For many people, Okinawa is the perfect holiday destination. However, warm weather and beautiful beaches aren’t the only reasons for coming to this paradise island. Okinawa sadly played host to one of the biggest and most significant battlegrounds during the…

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    The 20 Best Highlights To See In Hiroshima

    Hiroshima is a strange symphony of serene nature, enlightening spirituality and the pinnacle example of the horrors of humanity. For many people, the city is a vital inclusion on any Japan itinerary. Hiroshima and its surrounding region is full of…