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  • Blog,  China

    Beijing or Shanghai?

    With the offer accepted and the contract signed for the spectacular opportunity of being able to live and work in China, I find myself with a pleasant problem. The company I applied for has schools in multiple cities, so I…

  • Blog,  China

    A New Adventure Awaits

    So, what’s the next adventure? The last 3+ months of travel (almost exactly a year ago) has started a fire to say the least. Well and truly infected with the travel bug. Despite the last tour coming to an abrupt…

  • Blog,  Indonesia


    The bus slowly rolled through the hills towards Jakarta from Cianjur, where it had reached night as I was dropped off on the outskirts of the capital. Jakarta would be my last stop, an enormous capital; population 40 million. I…

  • Blog,  Indonesia

    Java (Part 3)

    This would be my second and last time volunteering on my travels through Java. Although both when applying looked very similar; both being English schools, the difference was staggering. My trip began from Klaten as Ms. Dee bid me farewell…

  • Blog,  Indonesia

    Java (Part 2)

    In this part of my story I would be undergoing my first try at volunteering, living life with locals in the Indonesian countryside. My initial reasons for volunteering were admittedly selfish, charmed by the notion of free accommodation. However, I…

  • Blog,  Indonesia

    Java (Part 1)

      Java would be completely different to the rest of my trip. Rather than being strictly a backpacking trip, it would be spent volunteering. An entire month was spent on the island volunteering across the country, exceeding all expectations.  …

  • Blog,  Indonesia

    Bali (Part 2)

    Next target, Bali…but I found myself heading back to Lombok. The damn ticket I’d bought needed me to go back to Lombok to the café I bought it from. That’s where I sat, soaking wet boots from the boat exit,…

  • Blog,  Indonesia

    Gili Trawangan

    Gili Trawangan, the tropical island with a split personality. On the one hand, it’s a stunning peaceful paradise surrounded by gorgeous oceans filled with life including turtles. On the other hand, it is the mecca for sin away from the…

  • Blog,  Indonesia


    When I’ve been asked “where’s your favourite place in Indonesia?”, without thinking, I reply “Lombok”. This is where I first fell in love with the REAL Indonesia. Not the tourist pandering streets of Bali. However, I didn’t get off to…