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The 7 Best Night Markets To Visit In Taipei

The vibrant capital of Taiwan defines everything that makes this country great. The serenity of Longshan Temple is wonderfully woven into the fabric of the city comfortably amongst cloud-tickling giants like Taipei 101. Yet the true pulsating heart of Taipei is found in yet another part of its fascinating culture – night markets.

In this city, the real eating doesn’t begin until the sun goes down. On that mark, grills are fired, oil is boiled and Taipei’s hungry population unleashes on its alleyways. You have not been to Taiwan until you’ve had your fill at a local night market!

So in that case, brace yourself for a gastronomic adventure as we embark on a tantalizing tour of the best night markets Taipei has to offer!

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Raohe Street Night Market

Quite the entrance! Photo by a.canvas.of.light on Flickr

Like a glorious time machine journey to Taipei’s past, Raohe Street Night Market stands as a glorious representation of the city’s culture with its traditional gates marking the entrances and the iconic Songshan Ciyou Temple standing right beside it.

As you wander through its narrow lanes, filled with red lanterns and nostalgic vibes, you’ll be given discover an array of local treats that will transport you to flavour heaven.

Don’t miss the iconic black pepper buns, the mouthwatering beef noodle soup, and the crispy scallion pancakes to name only a few!

Shilin Night Market

Night markets taipei
An evening along the alleyways

As the largest and most iconic night market in Taipei, Shilin Night Market is seen as the best one of all!

Amongst the winding streets is a diverse selection of vendors and independent stores selling anything and everything you could imagine!

Though the treats don’t end there. Make your way through the labyrinth of food stalls serving up delicacies like oyster omelettes to stinky tofu (don’t let the name scare you!), this culinary wonderland has it all. You could easily spend your entire evening walking from one vendor to the next!

Huaxi Night Market

Welcome to the mystery of Snake Alley. Photo by Trans World Productions on Flickr

When the moon rises over Taipei, the streets come to life, and Huaxi Night Market turns into a completely different animal!

The market has its usual suspects of Taiwanese eateries and stores selling all manner of trinkets. Brimming with a captivating cacophony of sizzling street food stalls and vendors offering everything from tantalizing stinky tofu to mouthwatering oyster omelettes, this bustling bazaar is a daring playground for foodies on the prowl. Though as its nickname suggests, there is a little more on offer than that!

The market is also known as Snake Alley, a nod to one of its most peculiar dishes! Enjoy such mouthwatering dishes including snake soup and fried snake meat to glassfuls of blood and venom, there are plenty of serpent delicacies to enjoy. If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about some turtle meat, bull penis, or deer antler velvet?

Want to learn more about Snake Alley’s speciality? Check out The Ultimate Travel Plan: Eating Snakes in Taipei’s Snake Alley.

Tonghua Night Market

A more humble entrance. Photo by vixyao, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The trendiest folks in Taipei know that the true indie market is right here! Due to its proximity to some local universities, Tonghua Night Market is where Taipei’s youth culture hangs out after dark.

The market boasts an exciting fusion of traditional Taiwanese snacks and the latest fashion selling everything from clothing and accessories to electronics and souvenirs. It also gathers a number of street performers and live music blasts on the daily. As such, it makes it one of the liveliest and hippest night markets in the city.

And of course, there are still plenty of trendy culinary delights to enjoy along the way! You might want to sample some of Taiwan’s iconic bubble tea or chow down on a rainbow-coloured sausage!

Ningxia Night Market

Let’s eat! Photo by llee_wu on Flickr

A Hidden Gem of Culinary Delights If you prefer your night markets to be less crowded but bursting with flavour, then Ningxia Night Market is your secret ticket to foodie paradise.

Tucked away in a charming neighbourhood, you’ll have the peace and tranquillity to move amongst each stall trying the variety of Taiwanese classics.

Explore the stalls offering succulent oyster vermicelli, tender pork dumplings, and the heavenly “iron egg” (a marinated egg that’s been simmered to perfection). Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the hidden treasures that await you here!

Shida Night Market

Night markets taipei
A meaty pick and mix

Among the twinkling lights and savoury scents, Shida Night Market emerges as a true gem, stealing the hearts of locals and travellers alike. At sundown, the streets are ablaze with intense aromas and bustling streets and Taipei’s culinary world comes to life.

Prepare to get lost in a maze of tantalizing temptations and enjoy one iconic snack after another!

Lehua Night Market

Night markets taipei
What would you like?

If you find yourself wandering the vibrant streets of Taipei after sunset looking for a bite, look no further than the legendary Lehua Night Market!

Amongst this intrinsic network of culinary tunnels, the most delectable of Taiwanese treats are at your fingertips. Don’t be afraid to try some of the sizzling skewers to tantalizing bubble tea concoctions.

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