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Nature vs Cities: Which Is The Best Place To Travel?

While setting your sights on a new place to travel, many are faced with a difficult choice – explore the cities or delve into nature. Oftentimes, our schedules are packed, and we just can’t divide our time between the two. Thus, a critical decision must be made!

Both certainly come with their own set of advantages and with plenty of incredible experiences between them. Though if you had to pick one, which is best? Well, let’s find out!

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Which Is More Tranquil? – Nature

The major downfall for many cities is that they are far from the most peaceful places on Earth. Furious hordes of revving scooters and blaring police sirens rarely make for a tranquil experience. The fast-paced culture of city life also tends to hamper the serenity of the moment.

Travel a short distance away from the cities and you find yourself in the heart of nature and the definition of serenity. The wilderness provides the ultimate sense of peace and tranquillity with its expansive empty landscapes with only the sounds of nature to keep you company. If you ever wanted to find inner peace, you best stay out of the cities.

Finding inner peace

Which Is More Convenient? – Cities

With an enormous population that demands convenience, it’s no surprise that cities are much easier places to travel compared to nature. From transportation and accommodation to shopping and luxury spas, cities have everything a traveller might ever need and all within easy reach.

Exploring the countryside and surrounding nature is often much more of a logistic challenge. Even the simple act of finding accommodation can be a mighty headache, let alone having to make your way around the wilderness. Transport options will be next to zero, if they have anything to offer at all! Damn, I forgot to buy some water – well tough, it will be a couple of hours and many miles before you’ll be able to get some.

Which is Easier to Travel Around? – Cities

It’s no secret that cities have well-established transport routes and vastly greater options for how to get from A to B. Pretty much every form of transport you can conceive of can be found within major cities, whether by land, air or waterways. Nature on the other hand is pretty limited on this front.

First of all, there’s usually very little infrastructure and much less demand to get about at a speedy pace. As such, transport options are often unreliable or have very poor schedules. Even if you were to rent your own transport, following windy roads and traversing mountain ranges makes the process a much longer and more complicated one.

All aboard

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Which Has More to Offer? – Both

We each have our own personal tastes, things that tickle our fancy. For nature-loving tree huggers, the countryside and all its offerings have all the natural beauty you could ever dream of. The beauty of nature is somewhere they could spend days, even weeks exploring.

On the flip side, city slickers might want to be in the heart of the action, amongst immense history and jaw-dropping architecture. The options on offer entirely depend on you. Whatever floats your boat.

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Which is More Beautiful? – Nature

Totally biased opinion here, but nature has the most outstanding beauty you can find anywhere in the world by far! Though you can certainly appreciate the beauty of an incredibly designed cathedral or grandiose temple before a stunning backdrop of the cityscape, nothing can beat the work of mother nature.

The incomparable beauty of the immense landscapes, stunning coastlines and all the peculiar creations of life far outweigh any man-made design!

nature cities travel
Sit in wonder

Which is Safer? – Both

This question is a tough one, as both have their own set of dangers. It might be a case of the grass is always more terrifying, but city slickers and country folk always assume the other side of the fence is far more dangerous, but they may have a point.

Cities are notorious for being the centres of crime in any country. Each metropolis has its own bad side of town that people should avoid. Muggings, assaults and a good old stabbing are a few of the less-than-favourable things that can happen along the streets.

Though nature certainly isn’t any more forgiving! Deadly animals, severe weather and extreme solitude make for some pretty risky situations. Unless you know what you’re doing, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble!

Which Has More History? – Cities

Though nature has an immense amount of natural history acting as an open-air museum that helped shape the storied histories of many nations, it cannot compete with the incredible amount of history found within and around cities.

These places have often been the centre of immense empires and expansive kingdoms. Grandiose structures from ancient periods of history have been preserved and continue to stand amongst the ever-expanding cityscapes. For a crash course in an area’s history, there’s no better place to stick than in the heart of the cities.

Which Has More Accommodations Options? – Cities

While out in the sticks, your options for places to stay are going to be pretty limited. Unless you happen to be in a popular tourist hotspot, decent accommodations will be few and far between. Unless you’re willing to camp out in the wild of course!

Welcome to travel heaven. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Cities on the other hand are bursting with options that cover the entire spectrum. Whether it’s a luxury 5-star resort or a bargain-rate hostel, there are untold numbers to choose from. The added bonus is that this immense competition keeps the prices much lower compared to out in the countryside.

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Which is Better On a Time Limit? – Cities

When combining the factors of better transport networks and added convenience, cities can be explored pretty extensively regardless of how much time you have. A quick ride on some public transport and you’re at your next site ready to explore. Everything is well-connected, and major attractions are usually easy to get to.

Nature on the other hand likes to keep itself mysterious. The sheer size of the wilderness makes it very difficult to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Often, you’re forced to make a choice, where you’ll have to choose one place you’d like to see and that’s your lot, for better or for worse.

Which is More Unique? – Nature

What you tend to find when walking through any major international city is that they’re all pretty generic. If it wasn’t for signposts in different languages and the sight of the local people, nothing would make a major city stand out. Of course, there are a few acceptations, though generally while you’re walking by rows of retail stores and high-rise buildings, you might as well be in any other city in the world.

Nature cannot be replicated. The wondrous landscapes and formations are wholeheartedly unique and could only be found right where you stand. The unpredictability of nature ensures that no two places are the same!

While picking between cities and nature, here are the best shows to give you the travel bug!

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Which is Better for Activities? – Nature

Though there are plenty of things to get up to in the city, they’re the same old stuff that you’d find anywhere else. Checking out museums and having a drink on a rooftop bar is certainly worth doing, but it’s not exactly unique.

Some of the most exhilarating experiences you can have are found in nature. Mountains offer rock climbing and jaw-dropping hikes, rivers offer whitewater rafting and kayaking, and deserts offer dune buggies and sandboarding. These kinds of activities far outweigh what any city has to offer.

nature cities travel
Let’s ride!

Which is Better For A Night Out? – Cities

Pretty obvious really. If you want a drink or even an all-out party, there’s no other place you should find yourself than in the heart of the city. With an immense number of bars and clubs to fit anyone’s personal tastes, the bright lights of the streets are the only place you should find yourself!

Sadly (or thankfully as others might think) megalithic clubs and deafening bars are nowhere to be found in the wilderness. Though nothing stops you from taking your own supply and having a wild night with mother nature herself!

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