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The Ultimate Travel Plan: Visiting XPark Aquarium, Taoyuan

The oceans surrounding the island nation of Taiwan are some of the most vibrant anywhere in the world! In fact, Taiwan has over 2,800 different species in its waters, that’s more than Thailand or Mexico!! Luckily, there’s the perfect place to experience all this wonderous aquatic life.

Located just on the outskirts of Taipei, XPark is Taiwan’s newest immersive experience and makes for a great day trip from the capital. The state of the art aquarium house a number of sensory-tingling displays with a selection of both native and worldwide species in fascinating modern exhibits.

So, in that case, here’s everything you need to know about visiting XPark.

How To Get To XPark

Located roughly 37 km outside of Taipei and just on the outskirts of Taoyuan, XPark is within easy reach. As it’s placed directly next to the Gloria shopping outlet and finds itself within a large mall, it’s pretty well connected. In fact, it’s the most accessible aquarium in Taiwan.

Getting To XPark By HSR

One of the fastest ways to get to XPark (and around the rest of Taiwan for that matter) is by taking the high-speed rail (HSR). You’ll be able to take a train from any major city along the East coast.

Taipei Main Station20 minsNT$160
Hsinchu10 minsNT$130
Taichung38 minsNT$540
Tainan1 hr 30 minsNT$1190
Kaohsiung1 hr 45 minsNT$1330

Getting To XPark By MRT

Despite being in a whole other county, XPark is still easily accessed by Taipei’s metro system! The Airport MRT line stretches from the centre of Taipei City, passes the airport and continues onto Taoyuan City itself. Fortunately for you, XPark is placed perfectly along that line!

First, take the blue line to Taipei Main Station, then transfer to the Blue Airport (Commuter Line) before getting off at Taoyuan HSR Station. The 1 hr 10-minute ride cost NT$150. From there, there’s a short 500-metre walk through the Gloria shopping outlet before having to cross a bridge to Shin Kong Cinemas building.

Ticket Prices

ClassificationAmount (NT$)
Elementary school students and seniors250
Under 3 years oldFree

XPark Opening Hours

XPark opens its doors throughout the year and every day of the week! For the latest information, check out the XPark website here.

Time of the WeekTime
Weekdays10 am – 9 pm
Weekends10 am – 10 pm

What’s To See In XPark

Within the aquarium is an extensive collection of both native and non-native species which are divided into separate areas on different floors. Various exhibitions are separated based on regions of the world and types of animals. Here they are in order…


The beauty of the ocean

XPark’s first significant exhibit is what many consider to be its best, and certainly one of the most Instagram worthy! The giant tank is filled to the brim with all manner of fascinating aquatic life, from schools of silvery fish to giant stingrays and even a few sharks!

The tank mimics the conditions and the sea life of the Pacific oceans that surround Taiwan. Along with the symphonic soundtrack and dim lights, it’s a beautiful way to start your tour.

Coral Sea

Life on the coral reef

Taiwan has a vast amount of coral seas around its coastline, though they’re declining at an alarming rate! To highlight the beauty of these wonderful ecosystems, the Coral Sea displays the intricate sea life that make their here. The unique 180-degree design of the exhibit also makes it pretty eye-catching!

Temperate Sea

Watching a pair of sea flap-flaps

Though these waters may not be as vibrant, there are still some gorgeous creatures to be found here! The Temperate Sea display aims to educate visitors on how the life of the ocean is born in the deep and how it truly functions as the heart of the sea! The open ocean also allows animals to grow to much bigger sizes!

Rainforest Adventure

In the jungle, the mighty jungle

The oceans extend far beyond the realms of Taiwan and even find themselves rubbing up against the mangrove forests of the tropics, blending life between land and sea.

In the Rainforest Adventure display are a large selection of peculiar water-born creatures and even a few land-dwelling oddities including vibrant poisonous frogs. The creative designs, streams of misty fog and the occasional thunderous soundtrack put you in an eerie adventurous mood!

The Abyss of the Sea

Monsieur Clicky Clicky

Way down in Davy Jones’ locker, life still thrives to the fullest! The eerie, dimly lit atmosphere of the Abyss of the Sea display adds another level of mystery and suspense to the occasion. You’re able to get a closer look at the creatures that live in the darkest pits of the ocean without needing to step into a submarine! Make sure you check out the dandy legged spider crabs, yummy!

Healing Jellyfish 


Next, we come to the favoured display among influencers across Taiwan! The Healing Jellyfish display has an incredible number of exhibits with everchanging mood-lighting and soothing spa-like soundtracks which work in unison with the jellyfish’s rhythmic beating. It’s so incredibly satisfying and tranquil to watch their elegant movements and get lost in the beauty of these otherwise pesky little creatures!

Freezing Zone

Little Penguino

Last but not least, we come the stars of the show, adorable little penguins and spotted seals! Unlike the rest of the exhibits, the animal enclosures have been incorporated into the aquarium itself, allowing the creatures to travel amongst through various pipeworks so they can get a sneak peek at the visitors. The perfect way to end your tour!

Thank you so much for reading The Ultimate Travel Plan: Visiting XPark Aquarium, Taoyuan! Now check out these other helpful articles!

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