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Why Buses Are the Best Way to Travel

While moving between any random A to B anywhere in the world, what’s your preferred method of travel? Usually, there are many things to consider. What distance are you covering? How comfortable is it? Where can you travel to? And most important of all for budget travellers, is it cheap? Though there are plenty of options available in today’s modern jet-set world, one of the oldest and most faithful forms of transportation still remains the all-around best. In the eyes of many, the good old fashioned bus is still by far the best form of travel, and here’s why.

Buses are the Cheapest Form of Travel

Hands down, buses are the cheapest forms of travel! Why do you think they’re so popular with backpackers?! Compared to flights and even trains in most countries, bus tickets cost a fraction of the price!

Even if other forms of transport might be slightly faster or a bit more comfortable, the insane amount of saving you make easily makes up for it!!

best way travel
A cheap and simple ride

Bus Tickets Have Constant Prices

Not only are they incredibly cheap, but they stay that way too! Unlike flights and sometimes train tickets, prices do not fluctuate depending on the time or the number of passengers. The prices remain constant up until the time of departure!

Travelling can be quite an expensive hobby! But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can save money while you travel!

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Buses are Faster

What are you talking about? How can buses be faster than a plane?! Think about it, flying isn’t JUST about flying in the air! You have to get to the airport 2 / 3 hours earlier and waste your precious life going through half a million security checks and browsing unnecessary amounts of aftershave before you even step on the plane! Not to mention the agonizingly long wait to see your bag finally appear on the conveyer belt.

Effectively, anything less than a 6-hour bus journey is still faster than a flight of the same distance! You don’t have to waste your time with any faffing before or after the flight. Simply step on a minute before departure and step right off in the heart of a new city!

Next stop: paradise. Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels

Buses Cover More Ground

It’s undeniable that buses cover far more ground than any other form of transportation! Not only will they cover entire countries from city to city, but they’ll also delve into the more obscure rural areas where the train tracks don’t cover either.

Of course, if you’re sticking to the big cities then this isn’t really that much of an issue to you, but if you want to veer off the beaten track then buses are the choice for you!

best way travel
A particularly picturesque route

Buses Are More Convenient

As mentioned before, there really is little stress when it comes to bus travel! You can literally turn up a few minutes before departure and can carry as much luggage as you want!

Buses Are More Comfortable Than You Think

Most people picture uncomfortable seats lining the centre of a death trap filled with chickens flying through the air, but it’s not the case. These days most buses are more than comfortable to withstand a long-distance journey!

Admittedly, trains and especially ferries have to be considered more comfortable as they do have more legroom and the unique ability to be able to walk around. However, buses are still a million times more comfortable than the knee crushing experience of a flight!

All aboard!

Booking a Bus Ticket is Easy

Ever go through the steps to buy a plane or train ticket online and have to fill in a thousand details, your pets first name and the name of the primary school you attended and all that nonsense, only for an error to occur and you have to start all over again?

Though admittedly today buying a ticket is much easier than it used to be with the ability to print them at home or through a machine at the airport/train station, booking a bus ticket is just as easy.

Also, unlike most other transport, it’s the most likely to be able to walk up the desk and ask for a ticket on the very day and be sure to get a ticket for a soon to depart bus.

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There’s a Selection of Buses Available

best way travel
Rustic and awesome!

Buses are no longer a simple take it or leave it kind of deal! Much like trains and planes, there are now levels to the quality of your transport! Of course, most buses are your simple format, though some might come with extra comfortable seating, more features such as charging ports and maybe even a privacy divider.

Some places even have night buses that might even come with fully reclining seats, or such as in Japan where you get complete private booths! Needless to say, you don’t have to slum it, unless you want to!

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  • Ben Zabulis

    Couldn’t agree more, buses are certainly the way to go, sit back and enjoy the view/experience. As you say, the range of ride quality and choice of destination is huge. Nevertheless, we often use train and occasionally boat, but bus is best !

    • TravellingWelshman

      And I completely agree with your point! I think that trains must come in a close second, it’s just that they’re a bit more limited with the destinations and sadly can be very expensive in some countries! Yet both can be equally as beautiful! Thank you as always my friend for taking the time to read my article!

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