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    Jiufen: Being Spirited Away

    There are a couple of places out there that you’d want to visit JUST because they’re in a movie. Everyone wants to be Leonardo Di Caprio on the beach of Koh Phi Phi. In Taiwan, one place has been the ultimate…

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    Package Tours: Pros & Cons

    Most fresh-faced travellers find themselves with a very difficult question: should I book a package tour or not? Even seasoned travellers have to ask themselves this from time to time. Is it better if someone else is responsible for your…

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    The Battle of the Pork: The Uproar in Taiwan

    There are many ways tensions can be raised in countries. Political friction, presidential elections and government decisions over health concerns are just some of the things we’re experiencing right now in the West. Taiwan on the other hand has recently…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Kyoto in 4 days

    For many travellers and locals alike, Kyoto is considered the pinnacle Japanese city. For centuries the ancient capital played host to Japan’s elite rulers and aristocrats that forever imprinted themselves in the nation’s history. The undeniable spirituality and powerful cultural…