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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: War Tour of Okinawa

    For the Japanese, Okinawa is the perfect opportunity to escape the rat race and indulge in some relaxation in a tropical haven. The appeal extends to foreigners worldwide who come for the serene nature, the abundant sea-life, the sweltering beaches…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Prague

    In recent years Prague has shared the spot-light with some of Europe’s biggest hot-spots among the likes of Paris and Rome, and there’s little wonder why. Visitors from across Europe and the world alike come to saunter through the Renaissance…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Hiroshima in 2 Days

    Hiroshima is a strange symphony of serene nature, enlightening spirituality and the pinnacle example of the horrors humanity is capable of. For many people, a tour of Japan would be incomplete without stopping over in Hiroshima. The city’s incredible historical…

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    The 20 Best Highlights To See In Kyoto

    Though Tokyo’s chaotic madness is most people’s first association with Japan, the ancient capital of Kyoto deserves to be in the spotlight just as much, if not more. Considered by many to be the nations spiritual and cultural centre, for…