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    Hiroshima: The Horrors of Humanity

    If I said the sole reason for me visiting this internationally known city wasn’t because of the events of 75 years ago, then I’d be lying. The city unfortunately achieved worldwide recognition due to the catastrophic events which completely annihilated…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Japan on £15 a Day

    Let’s get straight to the point, Japan is expensive. Without a doubt, it’s in competition for one of the most expensive countries worldwide, and certainly tops the list in Asia. This becomes a major concern for travellers. How much money…

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    Tattoos in Japan: Are They Taboo or Not?

    Before going to Japan, everyone gave me the exact same warning: it’s going to be difficult there with your tattoos. This was said to me from both people who lived there and those who had never visited the country. You’ll…

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    Nara: Walking Amongst the Deer

    Sometimes it only takes one reason to visit a particular stop along the road. Something special, something worth diverting off the path, an opportunity too good to miss. An experience you know full well will be one of the greatest…

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    Kyoto: Free Living as a Hostel Worker

    The ancient capital of Japan is home to numerous amount of national treasures, and without doubt its a city with its own unique take on Japanese culture and everyday life. These are the things I knew about the city before,…