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    The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

    Backpacking follows a predictable set of events; first follow the well-beaten tracks, before seeking a unique adventure not many get to see. The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) marks the fragile divide between the borders of both Korean countries. The heavily guarded…

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    Seoul; the capital of South Korea, kimchee and K-pop. This city has lived up to its big name as a booming 24-7 city nestled beside the madness of its eccentric neighbour. Vibes of historical Chinese influence with waves of modern…

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    Becoming an English Teacher

      Planning too far into the future appears to be pointless. Considering that over a 2 years period my life-ambition changed from becoming a doctor to becoming a backpacker. This transition was a great success, before becoming broke after 3…

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    Life in Beijing

    3 months after making the big move to Beijing, the initial cloud of culture shock (or smog) has finally settled, and life as a Beijinger has become the norm. As I sit in my very own hutong (traditional Chinese house)…

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    Life in China

    It’s fair to say that that I had no real idea what to expect of life in China. All I really had to go off were a few misinformed suggestions, second-hand stories and inaccurate stereotypes. However, nothing compares to dropping…