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    The 10 Best Highlights To See In Indonesia

    Indonesia is the most underestimated country found in the ever-popular backpackers paradise of South East Asia. The enormous array of activities and spine tingling moments are limitless and scattered throughout its multiple islands of varying personalities.   Over 2 months,…

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    The 10 Best Highlights To See In Australia

    I covered a hell of a lot of ground in my time in Australia; from the entire East Coast, the agonisingly long bus-ride to the red centre and back out all the way to the Northern tip. This incredible country…

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    How will I Survive in China?

    “How are you going to survive in China? They don’t speak English! What are you going to eat? It’s going to be cheap there! You can’t go on facebook?! What if World War III breaks out!?!?”. I’ve heard it all…

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    Beijing or Shanghai?

    With the offer accepted and the contract signed for the spectacular opportunity of being able to live and work in China, I find myself with a pleasant problem. The company I applied for has schools in multiple cities, so I…