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    A couple of hours on the bus and I found myself on the very brief 1 day stop at Brisbane where I met back up with Vanessa.   Being that I literally had 1 day in the city, it didn’t…

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    Surfer’s Paradise

    Just like in Byron Bay, I knew pretty much nothing about Surfer’s Paradise, only what the name suggested, and I wasn’t intending on Surfing.   Our plans had changed slightly. Vanessa hadn’t really enjoyed her time at Byron (which after…

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    Byron Bay

    Byron Bay was the first stop on my travels up the East Coast that I was truly clueless about. Before heading out to Australia I’d never heard of it, didn’t know of any landmarks or what the hell there was…

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    Probably safe to say that by far the most famous city in all of Australia has to be Sydney, considering that most people actually think it’s the capital.To be honest, my time in Sydney didn’t start off the best way…