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    The Ultimate Guide to Taiwanese Temples

    In a country with over 15,000 temples, Taiwan is most definitely a country in touch with its spirituality. In the resulting melting pot of Taiwanese culture, elements from some of the world’s oldest religions and ancient superstitions have been brought…

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    The 15 Best Highlights To See in Tainan

    Tainan has a richer history than any other city in Taiwan! Starting off as the country’s first city and ancient capital, it was also where Taiwan’s national hero Kongxia drove out the Dutch colonials and gave the country its first…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Tainan

    Tainan is a city with more historical significance than any other in Taiwan. Not only is it the country’s ancient capital, but was also home to some of the earliest forms of civilisation. The national hero Kongxia drove out the…

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    Tainan: First Taiwanese Adventure

    I have never seen the purpose of planning too far into the future. Fate is a mysterious creature that can change your path in an instant and without warning. Taiwan was only intended to be a stepping-stone on my adventure,…