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    Backpacking in The Outback – My Australian Fever Dream

    Along the long storied tapestry of my journeys, oftentimes there are moments I look back on in disbelief and confusion as to what the hell had happened. More often than not, they were spontaneous moments born from a combination of fate and being at the right place at the right time. One peculiar event leads into another until I arrived at a parallel reality of disbelief. One of those mind-altering moments occurred early in my travels, a moment in time which I still struggle to understand to this day. This is the story of my time in Australia’s mighty Outback. This article may contain affiliate links which I may be…

  • Australia,  Blog,  Oceania

    The Outback

    The Outback, ย this stage of my adventure took me from Cairns all the way to Darwin with one particular point in the middle which I was aiming for, Alice Springs. The issue was how I got there.   I had many suggestions thrown my way, and quite a considerable amount of time spent trying to figure out the best option. Many told me to fly from Cairns to Darwin, but whereโ€™s the adventure in that? I could take a bus or a train, but the cost would be in the hundreds. Hitchhiking has always been a viable option to travellers in Australia, however did I want to be the star…