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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Jingpo Lake

    This is undoubtedly one of the highlight attractions when it comes to the North-East of China. Although not having that much of an international reputation it is however revered by the locals as a widely recognised cultural attraction. Jingpo Lake and its surrounding natural attractions are even recognised as an important national and historic interest throughout China, labelled as a Geopark in 2006. Jingpo lake and its surrounding scenic area provide some spectacular examples of lakes, waterfalls and volcanic landforms that are scattered across this region of the world. It not only has a picturesque lake of mythical proportions but also holds the title of Asia’s biggest waterfall. So in…

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    The North-East Tour – Mudanjiang

    Coming to Mudanjiang wasn’t for the city itself, but rather an attraction far outside it. Following the theme of the North East, this would be yet another natural attraction born out of the fires and flames that brews beneath this region of the world. Historical volcanic activity has developed into an extraordinary display of nature’s unrelenting force. One spectacular demonstration of this power is Jingpo Lake, which happens to be the home of Asia’s biggest waterfall; Diaoshui.   The Journey   Before getting to the lake, I had to get to Mudanjiang. The scenic area is still over an hour and a half away, however, it’s easiest to get there…