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    Why Foreigners Should NOT Wear Kimonos!

    Amongst each national monument, Buddhist temple and historic avenue in modern-day Japan, men and women from across the world come to play out their little fantasies of living in the 16th century by dressing up in authentic rented kimonos. Many…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Kyoto in 4 days

    For many travellers and locals alike, Kyoto is considered the pinnacle Japanese city. For centuries the ancient capital played host to Japan’s elite rulers and aristocrats that forever imprinted themselves in the nation’s history. The undeniable spirituality and powerful cultural…

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    The 20 Best Highlights To See In Kyoto

    Though Tokyo’s chaotic madness is most people’s first association with Japan, the ancient capital of Kyoto deserves to be in the spotlight just as much, if not more. Considered by many to be the nations spiritual and cultural centre, for…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Kyoto

    Before Tokyo reached the monumental heights to which it has today, the centre of Japan lay somewhere else. The ancient capital was right here in the city of Kyoto, serving as the Imperial family’s residence under Shogunate rule from 794…

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    Kyoto: The Highlights

    The ancient capital of Kyoto is the home to some of the finest examples of spellbinding attractions, being some of the most gorgeous and serene of any attraction in the country. Two of these stand above all else. Two attractions…

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    Kyoto: A Welshman’s Memoir of a Geisha

    One very notable aspect of Japanese culture has to be it’s Geishas. Although they can be found throughout Japan, the roots of Geisha culture began right here in the city of Kyoto. This is where it began and where it…