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    The 13 Best Highlights To See In Jiufen

    Popular amongst day-trippers and anime fans alike, the iconic streets of Jiufen are one of the most biggest tourist destinations anywhere in Taiwan. The erratically stacked buildings placed precariously along the misty hillsides are a beautiful throwback to the area’s…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Jiufen

    There are a few things that have placed Taiwan on the world stage. Whether it’s bubble tea, cute black bears or their constant beefing with neighbouring China, the country has earned a place in many people’s collective consciousness. However, many…

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    Jiufen: Being Spirited Away

    There are a couple of places out there that you’d want to visit JUST because they’re in a movie. Everyone wants to be Leonardo Di Caprio on the beach of Koh Phi Phi. In Taiwan, one place has been the ultimate…