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    The 15 Best Highlights To See on Jeju Island

    For the citizens of South Korea, Jeju Island is their own little slice of paradise. A tropical island separated from the mainland by turquoise blue oceans and surrounded by pristine white beaches. The island is not only home to some incredibly unique cultures, but also a geological goldmine in the form of ancient volcanoes, craters and some of the biggest and best lava tunnels the entire world has to offer. This is a list of the top 15 Jeju Island highlights. This article may contain affiliate links which I may be compensated for at no extra cost to you dear readers! Cheonjeyeon Falls This is arguably one of the best…

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    Jeju Island

    The states have Hawaii, South Korea has Jeju. This island is highly rated amongst both locals and visitors alike as an island paradise. I heard many good things and received several promises. Promises that this was the best place in all of Korea I could hope to visit. My expectations were high, but as history shows, the places I usually look forward to the most turn out to be the biggest disappointments. This was Jeju.   Day 1   My island paradise experience didn’t start off as so, rather a complete and utter clusterfuck. First of all, Jeju Island is a hell of a lot bigger than you’d anticipate. Being…