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    Hanoi: Reaching My Travelling Peak in Sapa

    I’ve been blessed with some unforgettable travelling moments. From swimming alongside manta rays to living with nomadic tribes and walking along the Great Wall thrice! With the COVID pandemic putting a 3-year hiatus on my travels during what should have…

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    Hanoi: A Snake’s Heart For Dinner

    Exploring jaw-dropping landscapes and sampling mouthwatering local cuisine is all an important part of the travelling experience. Yet, there’s a lesser-known side to travelling, one with a far more morbid tone – dark tourism. As the name might suggest, this…

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    Hanoi: Discovering a Lost World

    Fresh off the boat from Halong Bay, Jess and I headed back to Hanoi for our first real evening in the city. With no time to lose, we had another tour booked for the next day to make the most…