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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Prague (In One Day)

    For travellers on a time-limit, Prague is the perfect city. Fortunately all the highlights line-up along an almost perfectly straight line through the city, all within a comfortable 3 mile or so wander along a gorgeous route. A city with a fantastic public transport system as well as a fantastic sense of tourism, it’s everything you’d want from a city. Taking my trip for example, I landed in Prague airport at 9am, and had a bus to catch on the opposite side of the city at 10pm. In that time, I was able to visit all the below highlights with more than enough time to relax and soak in the…

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    Coming Home for Christmas: Part 1

    To be honest, this whole time away from home, travelling across the far north-east end of Asia, the thought to returning never occurred to me. Not even the festive time of year could melt my cold Christmas scrooge heart. Last year was spent in a bunk-bed in Alice Springs, Australia with the flu. I didn’t anticipate this to be any more luxurious. Luckily, living in a country which doesn’t celebrate it makes the month of December bearable.   However, in a broader sense, Christmas is about family, a time to come together. My father shared this sentiment, and believed my blessed mother would appreciate it even more. Following a few…