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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Gili Trawangan

    White sandy beaches, turtle filled turquoise oceans, raving drug-filled parties, vibrant coral reefs, tropical sunshine and incredibly potent psychedelics are just some of the reasons why Gili Trawangan has always been the ultimate tropical paradise! Wedged in between the iconic…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Jiufen

    There are a few things that have placed Taiwan on the world stage. Whether it’s bubble tea, cute black bears or their constant beefing with neighbouring China, the country has earned a place in many people’s collective consciousness. However, many…

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    Hotels vs Hostels: Which is Best?

    There are two types of travellers, those who stay in hotels and those who stay in hostels. Once people make their choice, they tend to stick with it. Many first-time travellers are faced with the difficult choice of where to…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Lanyu (Orchid Island)

    Everyone wants to find their own slice of paradise. White sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, wild unhindered rainforests and authentic tribal culture are just some of the ingredients needed for the perfect getaway destination. Well, that’s exactly what you find…

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    The 20 Best Highlights To See In Beijing

    For centuries, Beijing has been the centre of one of the most mysterious cultures in human history. Whether it’s past Imperial emperors ruling land-conquering dynasties or today’s modern metropolis, the city has always represented the power and cultural influence of…