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    Being an ESL Teacher: Pros & Cons

    Many people decide to pack their bags and escape the constraints of their lives back home to start afresh in a foreign country. For the most part, becoming an ex-pat isn’t necessarily that hard, except for one thing, you need…

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    The Life of an ESL Teacher in China

    I never imagined that there was ever a possibility of becoming a teacher, let alone being a teacher abroad. However, 9 months after my very nerve-racking first day, it’s time to reflect on life as an ESL teacher. What’s the…

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    Being an English Teacher: Toddlers Vs Teens

    Certainly, I’m not your typical primary or high-school teacher in more ways than one. The biggest difference is rather than exclusively teaching children of one certain age, I teach a broad spectrum. My students range from attitude filled 12-year-old teens…

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    Teaching Children: Pros & Cons

    5 months in, I’ve finally settled into the daily life of teaching. Now that routines have been set and the initial clouds of misconception has settled, it’s time to reflect on whether this is a positive experience or not. There…

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    Becoming an English Teacher

      Planning too far into the future appears to be pointless. Considering that over a 2 years period my life-ambition changed from becoming a doctor to becoming a backpacker. This transition was a great success, before becoming broke after 3…