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    Jeju Island

    The states have Hawaii, South Korea has Jeju. This island is highly rated amongst both locals and visitors alike as an island paradise. I heard many good things and received several promises. Promises that this was the best place in all of Korea I could hope to visit. My expectations were high, but as history shows, the places I usually look forward to the most turn out to be the biggest disappointments. This was Jeju.   Day 1   My island paradise experience didn’t start off as so, rather a complete and utter clusterfuck. First of all, Jeju Island is a hell of a lot bigger than you’d anticipate. Being…

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    Busan (Again)

    For an extensive guide on Busan’s attractions, accommodation, cuisine and travel info, check the guide here!   To visit anywhere once is a privilege, to visit there twice is a blessing. I last visited Busan almost 6 months ago, and since then I declared its once of the best places I have ever visited, a point to which I hold strong to this day. I’d be lying if I said this stop was not intentional. Busan seemed like the perfect place to spend some more time before my flight the next day.   As I slipped in-and-out of slumber on the bus from Gyeongju, I was quickly awoken by a…

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    For an extensive guide on Gyeongju’s attractions, accommodation and travel info, check the guide here!   Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the birthplace of Korea as we know it today: Gyeongju. This is the home of the ancient capital, the roots from which Korea has grown into the blossoming flower which it is today. Though today its much fallen to obscurity. Not often will you hear about it on a typical travellers itinerary and is surprisingly small considering its past glory. However, the city and its surroundings hold strong repeated reminders of a once mighty empire.   Day 1   A quick hour or so an a bus from Daegu…

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    As my time in China is starting to draw to a close, it’s the right time to start thinking contemplating my next step. Naturally, the geography would dictate I should keep travelling as far East as I can, which would lead me to the highly anticipated nation of Japan. Lest we forget that between these two mighty national powers is nestled a country with an equal amount of history, extraordinary culture and somewhere I’ve already had the pleasure of visiting twice before; South Korea. My visits had previously been restricted to the country’s biggest cities of Seoul and Busan, both of which were extraordinary experiences, yet I remain unsatisfied. As…

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    Watch this video on YouTube Here’s what I got up to during my 2-days in Busan For an extensive guide on Busan’s attractions, accommodation and travel info, check the guide here!   For most, Seoul is the only city that’s known in the nation of South Korea, with many more concerned with the near-by border. Many tend to forget about life on the other side of the country. Few will have heard of this bustling beach destination nestled on the southern coast. However, Busan would turn out to be one of the best cities I have EVER travelled to, and it took me all of 2-days to come to this…

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    The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

    Backpacking follows a predictable set of events; first follow the well-beaten tracks, before seeking a unique adventure not many get to see. The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) marks the fragile divide between the borders of both Korean countries. The heavily guarded separation between the two keeps the fragile illusion of peace while on the edge of a re-match 50 years down the line. As dangerous as the DMZ may appear, regular bus full of tourists will still be shuffled around the mine-filled border. My tour was even booked from the hostel with a pick-up service for 46,000 won (£30). This was for the half-day morning DMZ tour (the afternoon tour cost…

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    Seoul; the capital of South Korea, kimchee and K-pop. This city has lived up to its big name as a booming 24-7 city nestled beside the madness of its eccentric neighbour. Vibes of historical Chinese influence with waves of modern Japanese technology, this city stands out as a major Asian capital.   The city is as modern as it gets, influenced by the many hordes of different foreigners that find themselves there. Originally this was down to none other than the American GI’s, who needed their amenities met, which brought about a huge introduction of foreign franchises, eateries and 24-hour stores. Among the luxuries of modern life is nestled the…