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  • Itinerary,  Japan

    Kyoto in 4 days

    For many travellers and locals alike, Kyoto is considered the pinnacle Japanese city. For centuries the ancient capital played host to Japan’s elite rulers and aristocrats that forever imprinted themselves in the nation’s history. The undeniable spirituality and powerful cultural…

  • Itinerary,  Taiwan

    Beitou in 1 Day

    Taipei is a city with some incredible variety throughout its far reaching districts. However, only one area has had the privilege of hosting Taiwan’s movie industry elite, Japanese geishas and considered the home of Taiwan’s hot spring culture. The district…

  • Itinerary,  South Korea

    Busan in 2 Days

    South Korea is an enormously underestimated country. It has the makings of a perfect travel destination yet it goes unnoticed by the average traveller. Other than Seoul, most people couldn’t even name another city. This means there are plenty of…

  • Itinerary,  Japan

    Tokyo in 4 Days

    New York, London, Tokyo. The city is regarded so highly for a reason. The cultural trend setting capital of Japan is the centre of art, entertainment and fashion in this corner of the world. It’s a city that prides itself…

  • Itinerary,  Japan

    Hiroshima in 2 Days

    Hiroshima is a strange symphony of serene nature, enlightening spirituality and the pinnacle example of the horrors humanity is capable of. For many people, a tour of Japan would be incomplete without stopping over in Hiroshima. The city’s incredible historical…

  • Czech Republic,  Itinerary

    Prague (In One Day)

    For travellers on a time-limit, Prague is the perfect city. Fortunately all the highlights line-up along an almost perfectly straight line through the city, all within a comfortable 3 mile or so wander along a gorgeous route. A city with…