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    Hanoi: A Snake’s Heart For Dinner

    Exploring jaw-dropping landscapes and sampling mouthwatering local cuisine is all an important part of the travelling experience. Yet, there’s a lesser-known side to travelling, one with a far more morbid tone – dark tourism. As the name might suggest, this…

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    Hanoi: Discovering a Lost World

    Fresh off the boat from Halong Bay, Jess and I headed back to Hanoi for our first real evening in the city. With no time to lose, we had another tour booked for the next day to make the most…

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    Hanoi: Halong Bay For the Holidays

    Before I ventured out into the world as a full-fledged backpacker, there’s always been one nation that has always illuded me. Ever since I was a teenager, there was one country that has found itself placed firmly at number 1…