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    The Battle of the Pork: The Uproar in Taiwan

    There are many ways tensions can be raised in countries. Political friction, presidential elections and government decisions over health concerns are just some of the things we’re experiencing right now in the West. Taiwan on the other hand has recently…

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    Sun Moon Lake: A Cultural Rollercoaster

    Though the border was still closed in Taiwan, a national holiday was quickly approaching, and I’d be damned if I missed an opportunity to travel! There were still plenty of places in Taiwan itself that I was yet to see.…

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    COVID in Taiwan: The Secret of Success

    Currently, the majority of the world is experiencing a small-scale apocalypse. The entire globe has come to a complete standstill as it suffers through the worst global pandemic in centuries. I wouldn’t know anything about that, as I’m currently living…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Beitou in 1 Day

    Taipei is a city with some incredible variety throughout its far reaching districts. However, only one area has had the privilege of hosting Taiwan’s movie industry elite, Japanese geishas and considered the home of Taiwan’s hot spring culture. The district…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Tainan

    Tainan is a city with more historical significance than any other in Taiwan. Not only is it the country’s ancient capital, but was also home to some of the earliest forms of civilisation. The national hero Kongxia drove out the…

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    Ludao: Prisons and Paradise

    Many countries around the world have their tropical paradise islands. America has Hawaii, Spain has Mallorca and Japan has Okinawa. For Taiwan, it’s Ludao. After spending the last 3 days on the island of Lanyu, a place which holds true…

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    Lanyu: An Aboriginal Way of Life

    With the world slowly recovering from the lockdown, borders have only just started opening again. Sadly for many, it’s still a little soon to return to travelling normality. Luckily, Taiwan has managed to avoid the worst of it, completely evading…

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    China vs. Taiwan: What is The Difference?

    There’s a very annoying interaction I’m forced to go through regularly while travelling the world. It begins with a simple introduction and one simple question that every traveller is asked. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Wales.” “Oh, you’re from…

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    Tainan: First Taiwanese Adventure

    I have never seen the purpose of planning too far into the future. Fate is a mysterious creature that can change your path in an instant and without warning. Taiwan was only intended to be a stepping-stone on my adventure,…