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A list of all the particular destinations I hope to visit

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    Hanoi: A Snake’s Heart For Dinner

    Exploring jaw-dropping landscapes and sampling mouthwatering local cuisine is all an important part of the travelling experience. Yet, there’s a lesser-known side to travelling, one with a far more morbid tone – dark tourism. As the name might suggest, this…

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    Hanoi: Discovering a Lost World

    Fresh off the boat from Halong Bay, Jess and I headed back to Hanoi for our first real evening in the city. With no time to lose, we had another tour booked for the next day to make the most…

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    Hanoi: Halong Bay For the Holidays

    Before I ventured out into the world as a full-fledged backpacker, there’s always been one nation that has always illuded me. Ever since I was a teenager, there was one country that has found itself placed firmly at number 1…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Bangkok in 4 Days

    Bangkok – it’s a city that needs no introduction. Regarded as the pinnacle destination for any backpacker’s itinerary and a favoured spot amongst faithful Buddhists and ex-pats alike, Bangkok illustrates the splendid harmony between the country’s undeniable spirituality and complete…

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    You Could Be Sued For Trolling in Taiwan!

    Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. From ranting about clueless politicians and their laughable policies to bad-mouthing that arrogant waiter and his lacklustre service, we Westerners have gotten very used to the idea of speaking our minds for better…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Taichung

    Regarded as an art and cultural hub of Taiwan, the beauty of Taichung comes from its sheer variety of artistic, natural and travel-tingling delights! Despite receiving much less attention than other places around the country, Taichung is often considered the…

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    The Ultimate Beijing Guide: The Forbidden City

    The true centrepiece of Beijing and indeed the greater Chinese dynasties of old, the Forbidden City was once the home to the nation’s most powerful emperors and remains a living guide to the once-mighty empire. For centuries, as the name…

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    The 25 Best Temples to Visit in Taipei

    To say that Taiwan is in touch with its spirituality would be a severe understatement! In the wondrous melting pot of Taiwanese culture and religious ideology, elements from some of the world’s oldest belief systems and ancient superstitions have been…