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    Chinese Kids with Western Names

    Ever wondered how your parents chose your name? Maybe you were named after a family member, or more likely your name was completely picked at random from a long potential list. Many people will even have a bit of resentment…

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    Chinese Kids vs. Western Kids

    Of course, there are incredible amount of contrast between China and the West, both culturally and superficially. After enough time in both places, such differences become just another part of everyday life. However, one difference stands out beyond the rest,…

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    China vs. Taiwan: The Difference

    There’s a very annoying interaction I’m forced to go through regularly while travelling the world. It begins with a simple introduction and one simple question that every traveller is asked. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Wales.” “Oh, you’re from…

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    The Ultimate Guide To Chinese Trains

    The train has been a consistently reliable form of travel across many nations for centuries, and one that’s still used by travellers today. China shares the same opinion too, with a considerable rail system that is spread over its vast…

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    Beijing – The Most Secure City on Earth?

    On first impressions to the bewildered traveller, Beijing might look like the most secure and protected city on Earth. The sheer number and variety of security found throughout this enormous capital makes it seem so. It can leave a very…