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    Two years ago I was faced with a decision; where would I like to live? Beijing or Shanghai. Quite the decision to make, particularly when you’re on the other side of the world and with no real knowledge of either…

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    This must be the most world recognized natural phenomenon China has to offer, a true natural wonder of the world. An image of another primeval world, a time of long forgotten mystery. A location which has been forever immortalized in…

  • Blog,  Mongolia

    Mongolia – Part 2

    We left off after a 250km drive from the capital Ulaanbaatar deep into central Mongolia. We pick up the story on the outskirts of Khogno Khan National Park after spending the night with a local nomad family in our own…

  • Blog,  Mongolia

    Mongolia – Part 1

    I’ve racked up a fair number of countries on the list, most of which were along the tried and tested beaten tracks of endlessly reliable streams of tourists. Not often have I stepped too far off the trail, or travelled…

  • Blog,  Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur

    Malaysia’s capital city comes with a bit of personal history for me. A few years ago, the conclusion of my first ever backpacking adventure would bring me to Kuala Lumpur after a rapid 3 months. An incredibly bitter-sweet end to…

  • Blog,  South Korea

    Jeju Island

    The states have Hawaii, South Korea has Jeju. This island is highly rated amongst both locals and visitors alike as an island paradise. I heard many good things and received several promises. Promises that this was the best place in…

  • Blog,  South Korea

    Busan (Again)

    For an extensive guide on Busan’s attractions, accommodation, cuisine and travel info, check the guide here!   To visit anywhere once is a privilege, to visit there twice is a blessing. I last visited Busan almost 6 months ago, and…

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    For an extensive guide on Gyeongju’s attractions, accommodation and travel info, check the guide here!   Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the birthplace of Korea as we know it today: Gyeongju. This is the home of the ancient capital, the…

  • Blog,  South Korea


    As my time in China is starting to draw to a close, its the right time to start thinking contemplating my next step. Naturally the geography would dictate I should keep travelling as far East as I can, which would…

  • Blog,  China


    Xi’an is a city with immense history, stretching back to the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilisation. As well as being the former imperial capital for successions of emperors and dynasty’s, the city became the terminal end of the Silk Road,…