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    Turtle Island: Snakes and Volcanoes

    Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, until recently, travel has been unrestricted within Taiwan! During that time I was fortunate enough to visit most of the country’s iconic sites. My options on new places to explore were starting to…

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    Kaohsiung: Another Taiwanese Adventure

    Taiwan has still been lucky enough to avoid any kind of lockdown. So with the yearly Tomb Sweeping Festival coming up, it was another chance to explore, but where to this time? Jess and I had to start getting tactical…

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    Alishan – Into the Misty Mountains

    Xin nian kuai le and Happy Chinese New Year! As countries throughout Asia welcome the year of the ox, it marks the beginning of the busiest travel period of the year for this part of the world. So why not…

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    Hualien: A Day on the Farm

    You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. Since I was 18 I’ve been living in big cities, from Cardiff and Beijing to Taipei and Kyoto. To be honest,…

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    Jiufen: Being Spirited Away

    There are a couple of places out there that you’d want to visit JUST because they’re in a movie. Everyone wants to be Leonardo Di Caprio on the beach of Koh Phi Phi. In Taiwan, one place has been the ultimate…

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    Sun Moon Lake: A Cultural Rollercoaster

    Though the border was still closed in Taiwan, a national holiday was quickly approaching, and I’d be damned if I missed an opportunity to travel! There were still plenty of places in Taiwan itself that I was yet to see.…

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    Ludao: Prisons and Paradise

    Many countries around the world have their tropical paradise islands. America has Hawaii, Spain has Mallorca and Japan has Okinawa. For Taiwan, it’s Ludao. After spending the last 3 days on the island of Lanyu, a place which holds true…

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    Lanyu: An Aboriginal Way of Life

    With the world slowly recovering from the lockdown, borders have only just started opening again. Sadly for many, it’s still a little soon to return to travelling normality. Luckily, Taiwan has managed to avoid the worst of it, completely evading…

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    Tainan: First Taiwanese Adventure

    I have never seen the purpose of planning too far into the future. Fate is a mysterious creature that can change your path in an instant and without warning. Taiwan was only intended to be a stepping-stone on my adventure,…

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    Okinawa: Times of War

    The island of Okinawa is an unbelievable draw to not only the citizens of Japan, but also to people from across the globe. There’s plenty of appeal to this tropical little island; the beautiful nature, the abundant sea-life and the…