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Why Did I Move To London?

A few years back, I took the unprecedented leap of signing a year-long contract to work as an English teacher in China. Little did I expect that I would be spending the next 6 years of my life, living, working, volunteering and travelling across Eastern Asia.

Now after such a long time away from my British homeland, I have taken the unexpected move of booking a one-way ticket headed to my new headquarters – London.

But why choose London? Of all the places in the world, why move to London? Well, let’s find out.

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A Bit of Backstory

Having made the unwise decision to begin a round-the-world journey at the tail end of 2019 just as a global pandemic rampaged its way across the globe, I was fortunate enough to find myself in Taiwan.

Not only was I a lucky boy in finding Jess, but I also happened to find myself in one of the countries that barely felt the effects of the COVID outbreak.

Yet, my international wings were longing for the air. I had firmly ticked Taiwan off my list and now it was time for a new adventure. But the question is, where?

There were numerous things to consider – where was exciting, where was stable, and where would make for a great new headquarters of exploration? And across all our searches, only place ticked all those boxed – LONDON.

Yet, after all the places in the world, we could have settled, why London? Well, let’s find out.

Something Different

Plain and simple reason, anything other than Taiwan would be enough. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Taiwan and consider it a second home, but I tend to get restless. Having spent the last 3 years exploring every corner of the island nation, it was the perfect time for a new adventure.

Hence, pretty much anywhere in the world would be exciting! South America, deep in the Sahara, and India, who knows? Turns out, it would be London!

why move to London
Where shall we go today?

Ease of Life

Anytime you arrive in a country, aspect to have a couple of rough months to start out with. Trying to figure out the ropes in a language where you can’t speak the language can get pretty tough.

Thus, starting off in a country where you know exactly how everything works from the second you get there and get the most out of life in the first second!

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No Visa

Bane of my existence. The amount of hair-tearing moments I’ve had on the road. The forms, the suspicious immigration officers and the heartwarming clunk of the stamp on the passport.

Funnily enough, to stay in a country for the long term, the government prefer you to have a reason. Most of the time, finding a legal job will do the trick, yet that’s a little restrictive.

Having discovered the magic of online teaching, I had no intention of finding a 9-5 again. Hence finding a visa in any other country is kinda difficult.

Though not to worry, as a British citizen, the good old Tories have me covered.


A Little Taste of Home

After such a long time away from home, it’s no surprise that the little touches of home bring a comforting wave of nostalgia in droves. The forgotten snacks, the British wit, a well-lit beer garden on a toasty summer’s evening. I missed that.

While I expand my travels and explore new avenues, why not enjoy the comforts of home as I do it?

Something Different

Most people would assume that a move back to London must be a step back as if I’m just returning home. But not so.

Yes, I do come from the UK. However, I come from a forgotten corner of an often-forgotten country called Wales. Where I’m from, we do not have megalithic, diverse cultural cities like London, nowhere near it.

To me, London really is a different world, it may as well be a whole new country to me. The experience would still be completely original and foreign to me, while also having the comforts of home.


Another major bonus of being in a hugely international city is how diverse they can be. Culturally, spiritually and everything in between. It has an incredibly diverse range of nationalities and races which all beautifully blend into the city, bringing their own flavour of culture and brushing it along London’s streets.

A Great Base

Another very important consideration is its geographical location. London is an incredibly well-connected city and is a great place to set up camp for some travelling!

Flights are cheap, countries are close by, and visas are easy to obtain. It could be a great jumping-off point to explore further such as Africa or the Americas!

why move to London
And away we go!

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  • Ben Zabulis

    Well, that was a surprise, I thought you were firmly entrenched in Asia ! Mind you, I do appreciate the visa hassles, it can be a pain. Hope London works out for you. I lived there for a while back in 1983 and although I quite enjoyed the work, and the people I worked with, I was never really paid enough to enjoy London properly. Funnily enough, the following year I was off on my first job abroad !

    • TravellingWelshman

      Absolutely, the ability to bypass the frustrating visa processes is certainly a huge bonus for me! I’m looking forward to add it to my list of expereinces!

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