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    Being an ESL Teacher: Pros & Cons

    Many people choose to pack their bags and escape the constraints of life back home by starting afresh in a foreign country. For the most part, becoming an ex-pat isn’t necessarily that hard, except for one thing, you’ll need to…

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    The 20 Best Highlights To See In Shanghai

    Shanghai is a city which has transcended its Chinese heritage and has in many ways become its own independent international city. Since the city’s humble beginnings it has been influenced by all manner of cultures which has had a lasting…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Seeing the Komodo Dragons

    Many travellers are searching for that unique experience, something special, something unique. Sometimes everything is much more special when you’ve gone to great efforts to earn the right to experience it, going that extra mile to see something only a…

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    Australia: Backpacking For Beginners

    People have many reasons not to take their first steps on a backpacking adventure. How is it done? What if something goes wrong? How do you sort travel from AA to B? What if you can’t understand the language? How…

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    Sun Moon Lake: A Cultural Rollercoaster

    Though the border was still closed in Taiwan, a national holiday was quickly approaching, and I’d be damned if I missed an opportunity to travel! There were still plenty of places in Taiwan itself that I was yet to see.…