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    COVID in Taiwan: The Secret of Success

    Currently, the majority of the world is experiencing a small-scale apocalypse. The entire globe has come to a complete standstill as it suffers through the worst global pandemic in centuries. I wouldn’t know anything about that, as I’m currently living…

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    The Ultimate Travel Itinerary: Beitou in 1 Day

    Taipei is a city with some incredible variety throughout its far reaching districts. However, only one area has had the privilege of hosting Taiwan’s movie industry elite, Japanese geishas and considered the home of Taiwan’s hot spring culture. The district…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: The Terracotta Warriors

    The Terracotta Warriors are one of the most significant archaeological excavations in human history and is rightly considered one of the most incredible and best-known attractions in China. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a large collection of life-size sculptures…