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    Lombok: The Secret Paradise

    I often ask people “where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to?”, and there’s one answer that always makes me cringe, Bali. I can’t help but feel that a lot of people choose Bali as its the only exotic place they’ve…

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    The 15 Best Highlights To See In Bangkok

    Bangkok; the iconic city which for many years has become the pinnacle destination for travellers and ex-pats alike to escape reality in a spirituality and exotic haven. It’s possibly the most renowned Asian city of them all, and there’s little…

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    The Ultimate Travel Plan: Todoroki Cave

    For many people, Okinawa is the perfect holiday destination. However, warm weather and beautiful beaches aren’t the only reasons for coming to this paradise island. Okinawa sadly played host to one of the biggest and most significant battlegrounds during the…