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    Chinese Kids vs. Western Kids

    Of course, there are incredible amount of contrast between China and the West, both culturally and superficially. After enough time in both places, such differences become just another part of everyday life. However, one difference stands out beyond the rest,…

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    The Ultimate Travel Guide: Tainan

    Tainan is a city with more historical significance than any other in Taiwan. Not only is it the country’s ancient capital, but was also home to some of the earliest forms of civilisation. The national hero Kongxia drove out the…

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    Ludao: Prisons and Paradise

    Many countries around the world have their tropical paradise islands. America has Hawaii, Spain has Mallorca and Japan has Okinawa. For Taiwan, it’s Ludao. After spending the last 3 days on the island of Lanyu, a place which holds true…

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    Lanyu: An Aboriginal Way of Life

    With the world slowly recovering from the lockdown, borders have only just started opening again. Sadly for many, it’s still a little soon to return to travelling normality. Luckily, Taiwan has managed to avoid the worst of it, completely evading…